Let's see if Clay knows what to do.

The floor was running with water.

Did you get them something?

Matti is dancing with another girl.

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I'll tell them you dropped by.

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He's a few years younger than I am.

What do you intend to do with that?

Duke must have nerves of steel.

I feel amazing.

I've got someone with me.

Practice make master.

I'm glad you were there.

Has anyone noticed that in Esperanto grammars they never talk about punctuation?

I don't think this is helping anything.


Mother always cries when she listens to sad songs.

Bobbie often swears when he's angry.

We saved a lot of time by going down Park Street.

Leonard put the bag of groceries on the kitchen table.

Kristi heard Craig snoring in class.

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That's a wrap.

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She wastes her money.

Our company supports several cultural events.

Before bearing fruit, orange trees blossom with a flower called an "azahar".

He has a good hand.

The frequency of earthquakes lately is worrying.


The engine has broken down again.

The Vienna Philharmonic is one of the most famous orchestras in the world.

When in Rome...

This costs nothing.

This car is the latest model.


My house is really big.


I should've tried to help Saul.

You always wear a loud necktie.

He probably meant that people go to demonstrations just to show up instead of actually protesting.

Lisa is really busy today.

That's the only way up.

I have to work.

He should be back any minute.

Sarah deserves an explanation.

I don't think you really want to call attention to that.


Will gave Ping the OK sign.

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There's something else I'd like you to do for me.

We're not going to stay here long.

About what time?

She's my oldest friend. I've known her since kindergarden.

I walked about aimlessly on the street.


The woman drinks water now.

The child has advanced in his knowledge.

There's a very strong wind blowing.

There was nothing but forest as far as the eye could see.

Did you happen to see her yesterday?

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Time travel is impossible.

We have to make sure we're ready to do that.

Nichael is down with a cold.

Is there room for me in your car?

Marek found the sheer size of the city bewildering at first.

Have you ever been bitten by your dog?

Leith might know something about that.

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I was with her for an hour.


Naren has a right to be upset.


I'm tired of living this life.

Afraid of hurting his feelings, I didn't tell him the truth.

I have a lot of patients who are older than me.

He was the first man to cross the Pacific.

I know them well.

John is more qualified than Peter.

Everybody is a slave to the current socioeconomic system that was invented through the years by unintelligent people.

Tokyo landlords are in a panic because the real estate market went soft.

I intended to abandon everything to focus wholly on MARDEK, but I was finding it hard to stay interested and motivated.


I entered her room.

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Boys will be boys, girls will be girls.

The people who reside here are our friends.

Helge isn't trying to impress anyone.

Before, he would go to the firm on foot.

He saw everything.

Einstein won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921 for his work on the photoelectric effect.

I want to donate money.

Even though his mother told him to get ready for dinner, Kriton continued playing his game.

I've done everything you've asked me to do.

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I seldom see him.

She is a girl full of sentiment.

How well do you sing?

A user should have freedom with respect to both hardware and software. An operating system should be open, not closed.

I'm going to go out and get us something to eat.

He's already too far away to hear us.

He continued to mock me.


Training conditions workers to react quickly to an emergency.

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I've just been to the post office to send a package.


Werner would like to stay with us.

We need more choices.

What am I being considered for?

He failed the breathalyzer test.

This climate doesn't agree with me.

Rich has just turned thirty.

Niall lives in Dublin.

Just get me out of here.

I think we have enough time.

The pleasure of teaching is not smaller than the pleasure of learning.

Who could be spreading that news?

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I ruined one of my best shirts when I spilled some battery acid on the sleeve.

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He was about to achieve great plans.

You wouldn't have been so busy if Mechael had helped.

What a beautiful girl she is.

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I intended to have finished the work.

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When the trusted confidant of the person who conducted a hostile takeover of the company betrayed him, it was a sort of retributive justice.

I can't look at this anymore.

I want you to mow the lawn right after breakfast.

Hello. Is it possible to speak with Mrs Johnson please?

I know he's hiding something.

I've spoken with her.

Soohong slept on the floor.


Some developing countries are faced with financial crises.

She interrogated me in an inquiring tone.

What kind of briefcase did you get Ronni?

Celeste is a bit younger than me.

I'll help any way I can.

They don't deserve my money.

People of the world, how do you spend the last day of the old year? Here, on Caroline Island, we met the new year a little earlier than you did.

I was thinking about the planes.

What to do about it is still a problem.


I prefer traveling on my own.

Why don't you lead the way?

I've dealt with this store for years.

I want to spend all my time with you.

They've arrested them.

I believe I got the chicken pox.

He was the first to help him.


When you shake hands with somebody, you must look him in the eye.


I can't live without you. You're the only woman for me.

Why doesn't Old want to go to Boston?

That could solve a lot of problems.

You'll be receiving the results of your test in the mail.

You had better keep early hours so you will be in good health.

Plastic is rich and powerful.

I've also done the same thing several times myself.

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She often paints landscapes.

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My advice was not lost upon her.


I'm often mistaken for my brother.


He was very anxious to please.

Why did Charlene start studying French?

I don't want to run into him.

This is beautiful, and that is also beautiful.

They went rock climbing.

I didn't realize that the cost of living was so high in Australia.

Do you not remember what you said anymore?

Oh, I didn't know it was that close.

As a rule, Japanese people are not good at foreign languages.


How long do you think it'll take you to finish your homework?

What's the moral of the story?

Toerless woke up to watch the sunrise.

If you don't have anything to do, you can contribute to Tatoeba.

I wish I was in Finland.

I'm mad at you.

Ask for her advice.

Craig opened the trunk and found it empty.

He lived idly and found himself already forty years old.


This hat is too small. Please show me another one.


They used a high-speed camera.

Cindie sat beside Vice.

That was considerate.

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Since I got a raise, I can manage.

Reiner finally noticed what Reid was doing.

That politician put his foot in his mouth when he made those racist comments.