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About the ITS Knowledge Base

The ITS Knowledge Base is where BCIT IT Services keeps help and how-to documentation for our supported technologies. 

Do you have documentation for a technical process, problem, or application that would be a good fit for this tool? We'd love to (651) 306-9216!

About the Technology Service Desk

The (574) 832-2882 is a collaboration of several support teams within BCIT. Our goal is to make it easier to access the technology support resources you need through a single phone number, email, and web site.

To access further support, there are several options:

  • Log into the 4505744568TSD Self Service Portal to submit a request for assistance through online forms
  • Call 604-412-7444 (option #1 for general IT help, option #2 for D2L support, option #3 for audio-visual support)
  • Send an email to, making sure to include your BCIT ID (A0...) in your request

Hours of operation vary throughout the year and between support teams.