"Why aren't you going?" "Because I don't want to."

I need your help for my job.

Those who have not paid their dues are asked to see me at the end of class.


We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone.


The essence of a person depends on the influence of good or bad friends.

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I don't need an explanation.

I'm kind of happy for you.

I wanna quit my job.

I think I may know where to find Rafael.

They were caught on camera kissing.

Why are you wearing a pink T-shirt, Tran?

Paul poured himself a drink into a glass from a flask that he took out of his coat pocket.

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Liyuan wrote a letter to Kylo.

Would you close the window?

The workers worked around the clock.

The Korean contributions this year for the national economy were very opportunes.

Should you really be doing this?

That's not what I told him.

With our lesson plan you can learn at your own pace.

When do I get there?

Everyone was frisked.


He stays up till late at night.


Teaching is learning.

Smoking is not allowed in this room.

Vadim knows I borrowed the money from Polly.


People in towns are attracted by life in the country.


I owe you for this.

Frank is such a buzzkill.

Jacob felt ill at ease.

He surmounted the obstacles with great effort.

Unfortunately, I have to disappoint you.


God blesses those who curb their tongue.

I thought that's why Sid was here.

He abandoned himself to his grief.

Did you go inside the cave?

Even the wealth of the wide sea will be diminished, if the cloud that has drawn (its waters) up gives them not back again (in rain)

Malcolm only accepted partial responsibility.

You have to come quickly.

Rodent didn't even mention it.

Chip will explain everything to you later.

There was something to think over.

There's nothing more I can teach you.

I need to decide what to do.

Can't you understand what's happening here?

In making a cake, you must use eggs, butter and sugar.

It's possible that I might run into Antony.


How could I guess? You change your opinion every three seconds!

Please tell me how I can get in touch with her.

I think you're being a little hard on her.

The hut was set on fire.

I love pets of all kinds.

Ozan works at a nearby restaurant.

I'm on a diet and would like to know if chocolate makes you fat.

"And what are you implying?" "I'm not implying anything."

Yesterday, a thief entered the house.

We've got a major problem on our hands.

He is likely to have a book and a cracker at his meals--and then forget to eat the cracker!


When the antecedent is this, that, these or those it is usual to use 'which'.

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Friendliness is a thing of the past.

Staying here isn't an option.

I thought Wayne sounded angry.

I really want to go away, far from the noises of the city.

What's this medicine?

Hurricanes are storms accompanied by winds that can travel at 74 miles per hour.

The weather was perfect.

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He rang the doorbell.

Julianto is a stranger.

That's quite obvious.


You've got to help her.

It is easier to catch an escaped horse than to take back an escaped word.

The problem is us.


Tickets are available for $30 in advance and $33 at the door on the night of the concert.

Unskilled labor is poorly paid.

Mick spoke first.

Harv knows how to have a good time.

Jackye repacked his suitcase.

It's very direct.

Turn down the TV a little. I'm trying to go to sleep.

Leith and Lynn don't have much in common.

Norm adopted Shamim's idea.

I'm sure Del will like the gift you got him.

You aren't like the other kids.

That is why Yoshio has caught a cold.

I'm going back to get my umbrella.

I hate when this happens.

He is weighted down with various cares.

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I'm not in a party mood.

Mayo lowered his binoculars.

Lorenzo came here to help us.

Why don't we do something else?

He is fine and gentle.

I'm trying to get used to being paralyzed.

Her recently-released short story collection thrills enthusiasts of postmodern works in Esperanto.

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Don't go anywhere without them.

Another empire is going to be destroyed.

Don't you ever get lonely?

She is a self-oriented person.

I'm going to take care of you.

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Never call anyone fat.


I gave him the afternoon off.

The fact is that he knows nothing about it.

We're all dying.

Cindie lost his house keys.

Once you are married, you are done for.

Just let me sit here and watch TV, OK?

We did warn him.


You never talk about yourself.


I'm looking forward to your reply.

Did you lock up the house before we left?

Stanley is in his office on the phone.

Just because a certain book does not interest readers does not mean that the fault lies in the book.

Let's just rest here for a little while, my feet are aching so much I can't walk.

I'm having a really great time.

Varda can understand Pamela's problem to some extent.


Please tell me all these horrible accusations are a lie.

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Tell Lord I feel fine.

We've been doing that for years.

My father is too old to work.

Raymond was exhausted after his trip and it took him at least a week to recover from it.

Her talent blossomed early.

Do we need a universal language?

I watched the movie.

She stayed home and pretended to be sick.

She's a slave to fashion.

Roland went haywire.

She always gives me such an effusive welcome when I visit her.


I tried to warn her.


You offered Jos a gift, didn't you?

That isn't my problem.

The sight of him is hateful to me.

He has a phobia of Jaffa Cakes.

They aren't happy to see her.


Angus won't tell you anything.

They must unite.

I didn't know we had one.

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I got a lot of insect bites in the woods.

This house must be done up.

Everybody around here calls me Polly.

In addition to the policy, the firemen had to make their appearance too.

Stop or I'll pull the car over!


How long do you think we'll have to wait?

To the village.

You suspect Spy, don't you?


You got one right.


I don't know how Slartibartfast went to Boston.

The law's on my side.

Students will take one of these English courses.

He lives in a suburb, in a quiet suburb.

She can play the piano well.

You and I will run.

We don't take coffee breaks.

He will be back a week from today, that is, on December 10.

Yuri joined the Soviet Air Force in 1955.


Too bad you couldn't come to the party.


Please come home right away.

Wayne had lots of fun at the party.

I told you this is how it would end.

Let me pay for lunch today.

Vistlik is said to have been a great singer in her youth.

We have no wish to inconvenience you.

I have to take the test again.

Let's not waste any more of each other's time.

Miriamne has made some bad choices.

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The postmortem showed that she had been strangled.

Sedat felt the stiffness in his joints as he stood up after sitting in the same position for a long time.

Get well soon!