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A new app to find personal trainers, health coaches, fitness and wellness experts in your area.

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About Us

At Pummel we want to make people healthier and the best way to get motivated and fit is with your own personal coach. Personal trainers, fitness coaches and wellness experts have been providing one to one real human experiences that are fun and exciting. We didn't want to create another computer based or pre recorded programme. Pummel is an app to connect people with real people, the best trainers in their area. Find a coach, make a connection and start your transformation.

Pummel - use the iPhone app to find a personal trainer in your area

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Select your tags to help us match a coach to you, try weight loss, high intensity training, body transformation, rehabilitation, functional training, cross training, sports, yoga and more

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Weight Loss, High Intensity Interval Training, Post and Pre Natal, Boxing, Circuit, Pilates, Body Building, Yoga, Pilates, Wellness, Calisthenics, Body Sculpting, etc

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Based on your goals, tags and preferences we match you with the best coaches in your area

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Connect with the personal trainer or fitness professional of your choice and start feeling better with the help of real qualified health professionals, real people, real motivation, real life.


Pummel is all about matching you with your own personal trainer or fitness expert. Once you register and select your interest tags we can help find a personal coach or fitness expert in your area. Once you connect you can start messaging and setup your first workout or fitness session

Love your personal trainer/

Once you find your personal trainer or coach you won't be able to live without them. Pummel helps match you with a real person in your area who is qualified and ready to help you achieve your goals

Matching Algorithm/

At the heart of the Pummel platform is a matching algorithm to ensure you find the perfect coach, health and fitness expert in your area

Use the mobile app to find a personal trainer

/Find a personal trainer

Pummel provides your best 3 matches and you choose who to connect with

/Mobile Messaging

Once you connect with your coach you can use the mobile app to get messages and notifications directly from your coach

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