Stagger wasn't aware of the gravity of the situation.

He writes in his diary every day.


I don't expect anything from you.

Rodent's foot had to be amputated after it had become infected with gangrene following a severe frostbite.

The President called on everyone to save energy.

You're late again.

Most probably, he'll come.

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The quality of translation has improved.


We need to protect our children and their innocence.


That's where you come in.

He can understand everything they're saying.

We're going to eat dinner at the Jacksons' tonight.


You'll meet Jem.

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It's my way or the highway.

We built a fire on the beach.

He didn't know Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet.

The corruption of the best is the worst.

You do things too sloppily. Please do things more carefully.

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The more you know about him, the more you like him.

Why did they hire you?

I met Jose today.

Never trust a stranger.

His mark's lowering was progressive.

Rafik has questions, too.

Marcus was neither heard to confess nor able to deny.

Go ahead, shoot me.

I'll pass a very fun, stressful and exhausting Saturday evening!

That's hardly likely.

After putting on so much weight, Liber couldn't fit into his suit to wear to Lindsey's funeral.


Give me your word you'll take care of Roxie.

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What she means is reasonable in a certain sense.


Do you think Part will call?

You're a funny gal.

It doesn't matter what you think.

Mame uses a coffee mill to grind coffee beans.

Just be very careful.


The blue telephone is on the table.

Duncan isn't a member of our club.

I think Dustin could be persuaded to help.

Could you repeat the question?

Today I have an Esperanto class.

How do you know all of this?

His income is now double what it was ten years ago.

Let's find out what else Felix wants.

Sjouke seems happy.

He seems to have been rich in those days.

We have a new head coach.


The ship transports raw materials from Indonesia.

I love bearded men.

I don't think Phillip will ever come back here again.


Don't ever talk to me again.

I'm glad you convinced me not to leave.

Pardon me, where is your restroom?

Erwin is mentally unstable.

Does mankind have dominion over animals and birds?

If you won't tell them, I will.

I cannot stand his comments.

Why don't you go talk to him?

Where did you take these photos?

The day she started for Paris was rainy.

You have to go the rest of the way without me.

I just gave Johnathan a drink about three minutes ago.

The police suspected there was a connection between the abandoned car and the dead body found three miles away.

I rented out the guest bedroom.

Walk tall, son.


How do I look tonight?

Even though we lost the game, I have to say that we played the better football.

He dived.

The moment I heard the footsteps, I knew who it was.

But the farmer was kind to him and taught him a lot.

The pike is not yet struck.

You need Bus Number Five.

A lot of warm words were said.

Where did you sign them?

Do you think Mehrdad can do that?

When we go to visit France we need a Visa.

He worked very hard for the sake of his family.

He was afraid of the dark.

Did you learn to swim when you were a child?

Just watch me.

I'm Irish.

Promise me you won't tell Mom.

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I had to read this three times before I understood what it meant.

He will not do it anymore.

"Superman" will come out this month in movie theaters.

I'm asking you to help me change Vince's mind.

I can't remove my earwax.

What have we done?

You're lucky nobody saw you do that.

He turned to his orange juice sullenly, sneering that every little additive would sign him up for experiments he wanted no part in.

What're you going to do with all this?

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When do you run?

Bypassing this obstacle, you find your way again.

She got her hair done.

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The cow moos.

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We were made for each other.

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No, I was at home!

It is not necessary for you to take his advice if you don't want to.

Jisheng began to eat.

Speaking of Space, I haven't seen her for a long time.

I want pizza!


She went on speaking.

He drew the shortest straw.

I sometimes think that God in creating man somewhat overestimated his ability.

She ignores the fact that she is at fault.

What are you holding?

Why not start now?

Nothing is so pleasant as travelling alone.

There are fifty members in this club.

Diana left Teruyuki for another woman.

She didn't get caught.

I wanted to make sure we didn't cause the problem.

I haven't cried in a long time.

I gave him as much food as he wanted.


I guess I don't care much.


I would like to take a seat over there.


My answer matches yours.


I'm surprised this machine still works.


She lives two doors down.

Guys, I gotta go.

The investigation died a couple of weeks later.

I regret not having taken my doctor's advice.

We are liable to be lazy.


We're almost out of time.

Sometimes hockey players get so competitive that fights break out.

I don't know really.

We play a sport.

Fletcher went shopping with his family.

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The teacher kicked Jeffrey out of class.

Could you please tell me where to put this?

They wrote that song together.

These aren't my keys.

I can't pay the rent.

I've heard it said that English is for making money, French for making love, and Spanish for praying to God.

"Jingle Bells," a popular song around Christmas time, is not really a Christmas song. The lyrics say nothing about Christmas.


Roger is often snockered by 10:00 a.m.

We're getting fat.

How long have you been waiting?

They don't want him there.

He was the first actor I had met in my life.

Sergei gestured for Willie to sit down.

I don't believe we've ever met.

We have no record of a patient named Heidi Jackson.

Do you consider yourself as a dangerous guy?


Do you want to try it on?

In the primary sector, you can be auto-sufficient.

I wonder if Kevan's ever going to succeed.

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Sjaak said he wanted to dye his hair black.

We're no longer working for Dominick.

I'm going through my closet to find clothes to give to charity.

Lea exhaled sharply.

That story is a famous one that everyone knows.

I thought you were going to die.

What have you got in your bag?


You'd make her the happiest woman on earth if you did that.


Who's your favorite lyricist?

I want to make love this night and I don't afraid any sin.

Could you send me some money?


The parents of these children had each a large wooden box in which they cultivated kitchen herbs for their own use, and a little rose-bush in each box, which grew splendidly.

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Drew was Novorolsky's older brother.

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She was left alone in the room.

Boats must be caulked.

You're the married one.


There isn't anyone in the room.