Camila is from Uruguay. She is Uruguayan.

Jochen pushed the door closed.

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Would you care for another sandwich?

He was not able to marry her.

If you find money on the street, you should take it to your local police department.

Is Marsha in the office?

She's a talented singer.

I asked them the same question.

The two sisters are so much alike that we find it rather difficult to tell one from the other.

I couldn't hear them.

There were many things that needed my attention, so I didn't get home until after midnight.


He has three sons who became musicians.


She dyed her hair pink.

I visited Kushiro for the first time.

Ramsey can barely read.


There is nothing special in the special forces. You just learn how to swim in shit, eat shit and live in shit.


You've worked with Jem before, haven't you?

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Did Shahid do this?

I'm waiting for my mother.

You'll be there, won't you?

Christmas is soon, isn't it?

Is there anything you don't do?

Drew and I are Facebook friends.

The hasn't watered the flowers yet.


It goes without saying that money is not everything.

Do you know where Miss Hudson lives?

Though she was angry and hurt, she decided to turn a blind eye to her husband's philandering.

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That will be no longer a problem by this time next week.

Do you have something to add?

It's important to look at the big picture here.

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I can see some small fish swimming about in the water.

His account of the accident accords with yours.

That bus goes slower than the other one.

Do you have to do it now?

Patricio told me a few weeks ago.

He went there on business.

A lot of people are waiting to see what is going to happen.

You're so strong.

The car stopped.


He attacked me from the rear.


Terri won't see me anymore.

The shopping arcade was covered with lots of paper decorations.

That'll be the next thing we do.

She would take him home if it was necessary.

Don't waste your breath on them.

That was very careless of Darren.

The light was blinking.


This rule is often ignored.


They speak English in New Zealand.

Is he any better today?

Hsuan's fingerprints were on the gun.


Having practically unenforced laws on the books allows the police to lock up many people at will, since most people will always be violating some law or another.


Rainer bought Mitch a camera.

Shatter pretended to be Clara's friend.

He uses the same books as you use.

How come you have not started yet after a day.

The space program suffered a devastating loss in January of 1986 when the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded 73 seconds after launch in the skies over Cape Canaveral.

Ralf is against it.

How stupid he is!

I met her the year that my uncle William died.

I wish we could get out of here.

We got married a few years ago.

Have you started learning English?

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My students have been eagerly awaiting the test results.

Those who do not know the sadness of love may not speak of it.

There is just enough light to read by.

I don't like you and I never will.

You are working too hard. Take it easy for a while.

The wind was blowing the day before yesterday.

I saw what I saw.

In the old days, there were no telephones or electricity whatsoever.

Are you going to stay there for long?

I think you'll find it's List's fault.

I agree with Tammy a hundred percent.


Deirdre is a professional gambler.

I want to know why you think we should do this.

Rebecca said something in French that I couldn't understand.

Do you want me to go home?

Mr White appeared for him in court.


I live in Tbilisi.


Wait, what is this?

Open up your mind.

I was supposed to do that yesterday.

I've never enjoyed flying.

Somebody told me you had a girlfriend.

Lila has been talking about you all day.

They all look the same to me.


We're going to have to do this again.

Sriram needs to take responsibility for his actions.

His son's criminal activities caused him great pain.


Come back and see us again.

Nathaniel was born and raised on a farm.

They learned all there was to know about it.

Happy birthday to you!

He will accompany the children to school.

We generally drink tea after a meal.

This winter will probably be very cold.


What you did was very dangerous and very stupid.

Do you still want to go to lunch?

What's your favorite kind of movie to watch with your children?

This summer I went on vacation in Scotland.

You make an interesting argument.


You are prohibited from smoking here.

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I will be seventeen next week.

Why do you care about her?

Descartes thought that the mind and body were joined in the pineal gland.

They're awesome.

Quit fooling around.


Why should I pay you that much?


Why did you shave off your beard?

May I go there with Masao, Father?

That's what Huashi does to those he doesn't like.

They're mine.

This is not a dog.

Syd told Nguyen that she shouldn't include her phone number in her profile.

Why's the bedroom door closed?

This happened often in the fall.

We had to put off the game due to rain.


They didn't do it.

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Mr Ichiro Fukuoka, a close friend of mine, would very much like to meet you.

You're picking up some bad habits from us.

Rajarshi arrived on Monday.


Spending time together is important.

You have lipstick on your teeth.

The vice president represented his country at the international conference.

The baby is too short to get at the drawer.

Merton left without saying anything.


We have to get out of here right away.


Are you marrying him for his money?

We'll take this nice and easy.

No one can deny that.

It's a lot of fun hanging out with Vice.

You're supposed to be on my side.

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I thought you said you were an only child.

We are sleepy.

Benson has a degree in music education.

As he stood there he might have been a fiend.

She took copious notes.

Did you take any other pictures of Seenu?

I need a volunteer.

Celeste has a great talent for the assignment of tasks.

I love arguing with her.

The war ushered in a period of shortages and deprivation.

They heard Boyd.


There's plenty of food.

I love the Albanian language.

Owen was my first Facebook friend.

"I shall buy a new house. How about you?" "No, I will not buy one."

Diane is always making me laugh.

The interpreter tries to give the most detail and information possible.

Panacea and I used to hang out together when we were in college.

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There came a loud knock on the on the front door.


Sumitro should've known better than to carry so much money.

Everyone who knew him admired him.

A button's fallen off the jacket.

So it seems that cloud of odorless deadly gas had a silver lining after all.

I carded the wool.

FEN does not carry domestic news.

I have been here for many years.

I went there recently.

Do you think that's attainable?

Birds are pecking at the grounds.

Please accept this little gift.

The symbol "X" usually stands for an unknown quantity in mathematics.

We were associated in the enterprise.