I'm going to have to dye my hair.

Give Lucifer the disk.

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I come inside to drink coffee.


Gideon has a bad back. It's hard for her to lift things.

Go and help her.

My brother helped me with my homework.


I wasn't driving all that fast.


The problem is how to raise the funds.

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It appears to me that he is angry.

She was looking at us up and down.

I used to collect coasters.

That's a pathetic excuse.

This form must be filled out in triplicate.

Sandip said he'd rather not see that movie.

Monty got drunk with his friends.


Mitchell wasn't listening to Philippe.

According to legend, those woods used to be haunted, so people would avoid entering.

I'm not afraid of you.

Police has at last had a break in the investigation.

Let Darin have fun.

Moscow is the capital of Russia.

Margit was born in Bordeaux in 1908.

We're trying to help them.

I hope she won't be disappointed.

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After the incident, our relationship underwent a sudden change.

A perfect day is one spent in the garden.

A swarm of bees attacked us without mercy.

It was determined that faulty wiring was the cause of the fire.

I had to hold my dog back when a cat crossed our lawn.

We're not satisfied.

Call me as soon as you find Panos.


Get back to the ship.

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I couldn't get more than that.

Three children were playing in the park.

The thieves hid in the woods.

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I want to stay and watch.

We need to look for other options.

That's a huge number.

Why wouldn't Lindsay be happy?

The airline makes sure to send your luggage all the way to the final destination as soon as possible, or at a later date at the passenger's choice.


It's a big world.

This is the future.

Cindie is a polite boy.


The anger that I had built up in me until then evaporated like a mist hit by the sun.

I'm not so sure about this.

Nigel is just a friend of ours.

As far as I'm concerned, what you do in your free time is your own business, as long as it doesn't interfere with your work.

Skef has been like a father to me.

Are there any religions that don't permit organ donation?

He obviously loves you.

I screwed up my courage and went there.

The loaded desk groaned again.

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.

Fashion is not my specialty.


Hartmann gave a lot of money to Sanche.

We need change.

Just seeing it made me nervous.

I have an important announcement.

If you had one word to describe Boyd, how would you describe him?


It's not expensive.

I don't agree with him at all.

How could you not tell me about this?


What do you think really happened?

Hank told me to speak to you in French.

Will that be all?

Catch it!

You take care now.


She felt something akin to holiness; well, she wasn't sure if it was that, but it felt like something stronger than goodness.

Think of everything that you have, and not on the only thing that you are missing.

He turned up the volume on the television.

Where are you sitting at the moment?

I always thought that Cyrus was a bit strange.


My brother built a new shanty for ice-fishing.

I've been here all night.

We need money to do anything.

My bike was stolen last week.

There is no telling when an earthquake will occur.

Poverty deprived the boy of education.

Why don't you leave him?

The faster, the better!

We're not supposed to do that.

I've already discussed it with Ann.

Don't be afraid to make enemies; if you don't have any, it's that you have done nothing.


He is tired of watching television.

Did you take Kinch's advice?

Don't be so impatient.


He knew this was wrong.

Ramiro is sleeping like a baby.

Perhaps that would be possible.

I didn't know you had allergies.

That accounts for the accident.

I feel great today.

We cannot help missing you badly.

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A moment's doubt can cost a pilot her life.

And what if your child was like that?

I miss them already.


I know this isn't what we talked about.

You should do it this way.

Romeo and Juliet is on at the theater.


This is where it began.

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They crashed.

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Howard went to buy another pair of shoes.


I'll just introduce myself.

Because of the bad weather, my piano teacher suggested that I go home early.

Electric illuminations add to the attraction at night.

I've heard that you don't eat green leafy vegetables. You say that it is food for animals.

The widowed mother had to go through a lot of hardships.

You cannot park your car here.

You're a real pain in the ass.

You ought not to say such a thing.

We'll have a barbecue at the beach.


We can't say any more.

Don't expect me to be truthful when you keep lying to me so blatantly.

Hwa tells me you and Pradeep are planning to get married.

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However often I phone I can't get through.


Can you listen to me for a minute?


I would say that we have a full belly, right?

Both Robbin and Bill are playing tennis now.

Wondering what makes it so fascinating.


Presley wasn't good.

I'm going back to America.

A dachshund is a dog from Germany with a very long body and short legs.

Archie is demented.

Siegurd is experienced, isn't he?

Do you believe in horoscopes?

A wooden house burns more easily than a stone house.

What did you eat for breakfast this morning?

My writing is better than my speaking.


I sent Kenton home.


Isaac and Maurice got to be good friends.


One must keep one's promises.

Was that not clear?

You have only to practice every day.


You could at least try.

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It is better not to imagine such a thing.


Her parents both died.

I'll act on your advice.

Are you underage?

His report proved false.

I'll be there in a moment.

Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known.

We don't have enough room in the car for you.


I have stomach ache.

I have four brothers.

Please take a rest for a few days.


Why doesn't Ramon have a cell phone?

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We all hated them.

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You're just going to have to get used to it.

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See what you can find out.

We've decided not to fire you.

The ring is cursed.

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We can haggle over price later.

I must talk with him.

He is happy. For one thing he's got a promotion and for another he has just got married.

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Thad bought a large house on Park Street.

This sentence is composed of seven words.

Ritalynne doesn't earn enough money to support a woman like Bucky.