He spared me some salt.

Dan vomitted in the car.


Dan no longer trusts Linda.

Vick has a job, right?

Maureen told Wendell how he and John met.

A deep sadness overcame me.

The bus will come soon.


During First Contact, the alien visitors would not show themselves physically.

His application went through.

Yes. Always when I can.


In the early 1990s, the insurgency became more intense.

He's a reliable man.

Negating the assertion requires a negative augend, but all augends are products of factors on the unit interval.

Are you going to pay a visit to China this fall?

My house was on fire.

I don't know what is worse.

You take a drink, then you elbow to the buffet and eat like a pig!

It's a pity that you're leaving Japan.

I must go and find him.

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You're looking at me in a way that scares me.

I've heard that story before.

Susan just wants to be friends with you.

I have been studying you just as a biologist studies an animal species.

I was only joking.

He has a habit of keeping the door open.

"You're here to follow my orders." "You wish!"

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It plays an important role in the development of the policy.

I wanted your feedback.

I remember you often went to Betty's house to tea when you were a little girl.

They abandoned the fort to the Indians.

Wait until I'm done eating.

No one may be questioned about his opinions, and the same for religious opinions, provided that their manifestation does not trouble the public order established by the law.

She spent most of her life taking care of poor people.

Don't squander your newly earned money!

We all took for granted that the professor could speak English.

It makes me feel better.

They just trashed him in the newspapers.


My children like to play on the swings in the park near my house.

She is noted as a singer.

Is there anything strange?

My last name is Jackson.

Margie doesn't have hairy arms.

Do you disagree?

I nearly forgot to give it to Barney.

Do you believe that you will get seven years of bad luck if you break a mirror?

Good morning.

I've been wanting to do that for a long time.

Dinosaur eggs? Impossible. These animals are already extinct.

The Takamatuzuka burial mound is located in Nara prefecture, Asukamura.

At the sight of cooked snails, Jane turned pale.

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Don't you worry about a thing.

Tobacco, divine, rare, superexcellent tobacco, which goes far beyond all the panaceas, potable gold, and philosopher's stones, a sovereign remedy to all diseases...but as it is commonly abused by most men, which take it as tinkers do ale, 'tis a plague, a mischief, a violent purger of goods, lands, health, hellish, devilish and damned tobacco, the ruin and overthrow of body and soul.

It won't be hard.

Reinhard is upset.

Tolerant put his career on the back burner and became a house husband, to enable Kerri to pursue her career.


I can find a tree by the house.

Give my regards to her.

The system is under maintenance.

We've got the championship in our pocket.

It backfired on me despite my good intentions.

The photos are taken by a pro, so they'll turn out well.

Those people will be held to account for their actions.

I need to be at work by 7:30.

Daniele scrubbed the sink.

You always complain about the weather.

Harmon wears a fake Rolex.


He kissed me on the cheek.

What's your wifi password?

Brazil is hosting the Olympic Games.

If I had worked hard in my youth, I would be successful now.

He took a notebook out.


The strength of the firm is attributed to its future-oriented strategy.


She has no more pain.

Please stop there.

Life is a jest, and all things show it, I thought so once, and now I know it.

I am come to offer what service may be in my power.

I saw a movie for the first time in two years.


Our party finally had a candidate we could put forward with pride.

One should love one's mother tongue.

Marshall is smiling.

Who's the better driver?

We all want prices to fall.

What are you thinking right now?

Patrice looks much better now.

Kari isn't very happy.

He joined the club last year.

You should know better than to spend all your money on clothes.

I've been doing this for months.


How much does it cost to eat at such a place?


He picked her at random.

I'm going to do it again.

Girls, I'm single.

What we are seeking so frantically elsewhere may turn out to be the horse we have been riding all along.

Why don't you go inside?


They were good opponents.

The government hopes that lowering its carbon emissions will set an example and that other countries will follow suit.

Masanobu was happy to see Douglas.

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Do you always get up before six?


My computer doesn't seem to be connecting to the printer.

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Does Carlo understand what I'm saying?

Did he admit that he was wrong?

Animals are not toys!

He's the very model of an aggressive salesman.

Australia was the place where British prisoners were sent to.

The Wright brothers built their first plane together, but Orville was the one who flew it.

The president saluted the public.

I enjoy sipping on a margarita with salt around the rim.

I had to get rid of my doubt about it.

We used to be engaged.

It's slow and boring.

You know what I mean, don't you?

The aroma of the flowers was the first thing Sarah noticed when she entered the greenhouse.

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Myrick was lying unconscious on the sidewalk.


We've been down this road before.

Space seems to be very naive.

You should always apologize in person.

She loves bone marrow.

Jacques is clearly upset by what's going on.


I'm not drunk. I'm as sober as a judge.

My advice is to adopt a new line.

This needs a steady hand.

We need to give students the tools they need to communciate in a foreign language, not simply teach them rote phrases.

I guess I just don't get it.

You live in Tokyo, don't you?

Thank you for letting me know that the Model 600-J printer will not be available until May 4, 1997.

There is no other choice.

Children learn by watching what adults around them do.

We were saved, but a price had to be paid.

He is literally stupid.

You'll never know whether or not you can do it until you try.

Let's take a little break and look at the story from a somewhat different angle.

This is the first time I've looked Marika in the eye.

I approve of her plan.

Jelske doesn't have the experience necessary.

Her courage during her illness is an inspiration to us all.


Why didn't you write to me right away?


Please ask only one question at a time.

It took a long, long time.

Daren will answer your questions.

Loyd seems to be organized.

The hiking was called off owing to the rain.

Would you like to come to my parents' house?

You're disorganized.

They must be busy.

Let's get rid of all this stuff.

He had had his old one for more than ten years.

Don't worry about that now.

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Do you know the reason Jacobson was sent to the Boston office?

You know how crazy they are over their little bundle of joy.

Lucifer says he wants to get married right away.


They all agreed to a man that this statement was true.

That's why: what's allowed is allowed, what's forbidden is forbidden, what's impossible is impossible, and what's possible is that which is allowed.

He is in conference now.

Are you going to eat your pudding?

He's rather busy just now.

Lin would be proud of you.

Why do you believe others' words?

Getting out of bed this morning was hard.

How did you make out on your French finals?


My bicycle has a flat tire.


He has already finished his work.

There was no one to stop her.

It was extremely funny.

They all have come.

Werner turned his bowl upside down.

Have you ever started this engine?

I would like my hair in this style.

She may not come to the party tonight.

Claire doesn't remember if he locked the door.

Don't let her drink any more.

I didn't notice her going out of the room.

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She was always telephoning me.