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He is now at the desk.

It is challenging and I am learning a lot.

What do you think she's dreaming about?

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You need some air.

Jeannie is the smartest one in our class.

I caught up with the others.

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This is a serious situation.


Nathaniel likes painting pictures.

How much cash do you have on you?

Blair was sick in bed for about three months.


We are the future, guys.

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It never occurred to me that you wouldn't want one.

Did you enjoy your swim?

It was a perfect fit.

Take a bath.

I wouldn't want to be a judge.

And like many small towns in England, it has quite a long history.

Show me a list of your rates, please.


They are neighbours.


Before, when we still had guilders, everything was much cheaper than now with the euro.

How many oranges did Lievaart eat?

You are a great person.

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You should go help him.


The train is to arrive on time.

The newspaper has a large circulation.

Casey and Manjeri's wedding is in three days.

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We wish we could've done more.

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My parents worry about my health.

I think this coat should fit you.

I hated Pradeep when we first met.


Trent rarely wears a hat.

This one is for us.

You're a good boy.

I'd love to see her.

I don't know what I did at all.

He was itching for a ticket to the concert.

I have two classes tomorrow morning.


If possible, I'd like to see him.

Is Rakhal in a coma?

Patty staggered home from the bar.

Oliver asked everyone to leave.

Two people riding on a bicycle at the same time is dangerous.

The dog stopped barking.

My brother hung the picture upside down.


I've decided to do the same thing.

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Don't bug me. I'm working.

The shopping center will be demolished.

Ronni has been singing a lot of sad songs recently.

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Everything was silent.

She is speaking to herself.

I'm ready now, Skip.

I am supposed to meet him at four.

Do what Julianto says.

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I'm sure you heard about what Charles did.


Vince might be here on Monday.

By degrees their friendship grew into love.

He is always finding fault with other people.

This isn't working out.

There aren't only nice people in the world.

We know you can handle it, Klaus.

Already many buildings are now being built earthquake resistant.

I parked around back.

I take dancing and modeling lessons.

There's a lot you don't know about me.

Give me your address.

Naomi put his head down on the table.

I'm going to catch the next bus.

It's wrong of you to talk back to her.

I even made Mario laugh.

Yes, I agree with you. It's also that.

In 1683, the Turks besieged Vienna for the second time.


Is the 't' pronounced in this word?

Her books sell pretty well.

My son entered high school.

We've never given a concert in Boston.

So, when is it convenient for you?

I have given myself to music.

Brenda threatened Taurus.

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Sid has been away.

Nancy took off his headphones.

I want to get there early so we can get good seats.


In fact, to move at any speed the polar bear uses twice as much energy as do most other mammals.

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Let's try something different.

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Patricio is good at everything he does.


A question that children commonly ask is: "Where do the holes in the cheese come from?"

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No one can remember his last name exactly.


Len approved of his wife's extra-marital affair.


You'd better not be wasting our time.


New York weather is hot and humid in the summer.

The child did not intent to break your arm.

This is moving in the wrong direction.


You have done very well.

Don't tell Lanny about what we did today.

My father is my biggest source of inspiration.


I deserve it.

I was happy to know he was well.

It's easy to make friends, but hard to get rid of them.

Spyros and I talked this morning.

You're such a jerk.

I bought a box of chocolates on the way to work as a gift for my colleagues.

We're going back to work.

I know I am terrible, but it was just tempting me.

Hello, my friend!

It stuck in his craw that he was forced to step down from his position after 40 years.

I just hope it was worth it.

They embraced lovingly.

"Are you doing something after school?" "No, not really. Why?" "Do you want to do something with me?"


Clara told everyone in the room about what had happened.

Even though she was very busy, she came to see me off all the same.

It is our duty to help one another.

Dylan made a very interesting comment.

Let's take up the second problem, shall we?

Frances asked me where my car was parked.

The boy who came yesterday was my younger brother.


Eddy felt like he could do anything.

Hi, we are calling to report a missing person.

Jerald sat cross-legged on the floor in front of the TV.


Cut your nails.

Izzy is shaving in his room.

Susumu and Ray look very happy together.

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I don't know how Patty put up with it.


Marguerite won't be busy this afternoon.

That child's constant screaming gives me gray hairs.

Ping had his sweater on wrong side out.

His speech has a positive influence on all the colleagues.

If you want me to be quiet, just ask.

He plays baccarat.

Juliane opened the window a crack to let in a bit of fresh air.

Hilda has a few screws loose upstairs.

You're doing great work.

I told him to stay.

Some day, the boy disappeared without a trace.

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That could be a problem, I think.

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I've seen just now that the ambassador of Saudi Arabia has resigned.

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He appeared on television last night.

I'd like to cash a travelers' check.

There was a storm, and snow began whirling through the street.


He asked her to call him later.

I help him almost every day.

We have no choice but to fight.

I cannot help believing what he says.

Sanche was unable to control his anger.

Leon is going on thirty.

Expecting time to find her child, she sat up till late at night.

Ken deserved better.

I figured Rex would panic.

Those black people have long been deprived of their rights.

Jeffrey isn't going to win.

The girl is not old enough to be responsible.

I'm not so sure it was him who did it.

I found some other problems.

From what I see, I'm not the only one with plum jam as my guilty pleasure.

She did the work alone.

I am going to play tennis tomorrow.

Sal seems to know what to do.

He came near being hit by a car.

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How does that make you feel?

The full moon is beautiful.

Even if it's not true, it's a brilliant fabrication.