The room is being painted by him.

The yacht sailed before the wind.

Billy's computer is new.

She is always finding fault with him.

Lions live on other animals.

I have to stay.

I don't see what's changed.

Noemi lived from 1963 to 2013.

Stan arrived ahead of Luc.

Also many incidents of robbery by threats and violence are occurring.

I don't need much else.

My mother taught me how to make miso soup.

War is a terrible thing.

The condom broke.

Could I please borrow your pen?

Jorge gave Kyle a second chance.

You got it right.

Kayvan and Marcos studied together.


Why did you want Tanya to leave?

You have done it totally incorrect!

You should buy it for yourself.

I think Bryce is at least partially to blame.

I hope Jay is having a good time.

There was a steady increase in population.

Money freed him.

On large farms, cattle are usually marked with brands.

We haven't been invited yet.

I'll see you again this afternoon.

I'm always moody.

Richard will be back by Monday.

I don't even know what to say to Terry.


Our savings dwindled to just a few hundred dollars.


I wanted to find who was responsible.

Why did Srinivas come?

Winnie will be hard to replace.

I lay down to rest.

Everyone's looking for you.

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Normally, I'm a very peaceful man. But if my family is threatened, there's no telling what I'll do.

I want to spend some time with my daughter.

Raanan had his secretary make three copies of the contract.

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I have no doubt about it.

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I did speak, but no one listened to me.


I have attached a PDF file of my curriculum vitae.

Jin is dishonest.

He was at the airport to meet Mr West.

Every time I see this photo, I think of my father.

Seldom have human beings experienced such a disaster.

Can you speak any Native American language?

They must be fake.

As many as a thousand people were there.

They dried themselves in the sun.

He failed to become a cabinet member at that time.

Courtney offered to carry Clarissa's bag.


There's no cure for death.

Why would you want to leave?

Don't make that expression.

Whether or not Kusum's venture will succeed, only time will tell.

Evan didn't know any of the details of Sharan's plan.

Each generation would have to rediscover for itself the truths of the past.

She kissed him.


After slapping Stephanie's right cheek, Don stomped on his left foot.

He excluded the woman from the suspects.

I need Alvin to know that we love him.

Mara took off his socks and shoes and walked into the sea.

What was the matter?

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I want to learn French.

We can't let Laurianne die.

My skirt is too long.

Just a moment - there's someone at the door.

Dieter doesn't have to answer if he doesn't want to.


I'm farsighted.


I forgot my own birthday.

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They were outside.

He lost his ticket for the movie.

I pay quite a sum of money for each game-cassette.


Come and see me whenever it is convenient to you.


I'm delivering my portfolio later today.


Clayton left Miriamne and John alone momentarily.

First, in order to get a feel for your favourite author's work, transcribe and copy in full.

I doubt that Hienz has the courage to do what really needs to be done.

Brad's going on and on about his raw vegan diet is starting to get on Rusty's goat.

It's great to be back.

Our team could easily have brought home the bacon, if it weren't for the team's best man being injured.

"Do you like strawberries?" "Sure. I love them."

That kitten is so adorable.

Better bread without butter than cake without freedom.

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Halloween was brought to North America by immigrants from Europe who would celebrate the harvest around a bonfire, share ghost stories, sing, and tell fortunes.

He won't forgive me so easily.

Let's give that a rest.

Ravi and Dani live near each other.

He hasn't got a bicycle.

The result was far from being satisfactory.

I put the key back where I found it.


Lum heard that Swamy had died.

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I'm a medic.


If I had taken that plane, I would be dead now.


There's something out there.

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Jeffery doesn't have to work next Monday.

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Her chastity belt set off the metal detector at the airport.

Can I write the name of the beneficiary in Russian?

Tim is now professor of Italian literature at the University of Florence.

Who threw a stone at my dog?

Dan likes to make model cars.


What would you like for lunch?


The fault is mine.


Congratulations! You won a free cruise!


The clock gains five minutes a day.

I have a lot of experience in computers.

Kill everybody, God will recognize his ones.

Please put your shoes in the getabako when you take them off.

He was exhausted when he got home.

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Axel doesn't trust Suyog any longer.

Don't shut the door with a bang.

We don't have much time left.


A Japanese wouldn't do such a thing.


He gave us a false story.

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I should've been there for him.

I enjoyed myself at the party yesterday.

You can't sit with me.

I wandered through that region completely alone.

Get a cat! Don't expect affection from other human beings!

The label is stuck on the box.

I was taking a shower then.

I'll show you who's in charge!

When his business failed, he was left penniless.

Heinrich shut the door and went upstairs.

To my horror, the man took a gun out of his pocket.

Please let me answer one question at a time.

I haven't seen Bill for a long time.


I think I drank too much.


You'll never get in that club.


They are hurrying to return home.

He is out of the office.

I was in Canada then.

We need to teach children how to defend themselves.

Don't give away all your secrets.


Bring your work to my room.

That captain takes good care of his soldiers.

My hobby is making phrases.

In order to lose weight some people skip meals.

Hazel had a little help.

Did everyone sleep well?

I am sewing my shirt.

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I don't want to respect a man like him.


Human beings often lack insight into their own faults and failings.

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He requested that I come here again this afternoon.

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Chris says more should be done.


The student made acquaintance with that woman last year.

There were hundreds of taxis at the airport, all touting for business.

She did the right thing.

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I'll get in the pool first.

Rajendra got Kevyn to help him paint the fence.

She was very confusing.

I'll see you after lunch.

When does it start getting good?


He has a naturally good memory.


He is said to be a good doctor.