He left the office without saying a word to anyone.

I knew you were against it.

I'm glad you got a chance to talk to Nora before he left.

Everything was wrong.

Look! A falling star!

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I can't seem to find your last e-mail, I wonder if you can resend it to me.

You can see the stars with your naked eye, and even better through a telescope.

You leave me no choice.

I found it impossible to cross the road.

He doesn't miss anything.

I had all my clothes washed by my mother.

The artist always painted alone.

I was very happy with that.

Then, what if it's not?

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I don't like this game.

In my country, people can't stand others who are more intelligent than they are.

I don't know many words in Hebrew.

My birthday falls on a Sunday this year.

You will have your own way.

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I couldn't understand a word.

Clara was never very good at speaking French.

You will let it go this time.

Everything seems to go right with him.

How many kilos may I take?


The dish had many diced potatoes in it.

Alastair was articulate.

Pierre has been looking for you.

What do you do for relaxation?

I want to go abroad, for instance, to Italy and Spain.

You're getting to be a pain.

After that, she cried for three days.

Debi tried the coat on.

You speak English.

I remember many things.

Fires for luring fish at night flicker on the silhouette of an island.

Modern art doesn't interest me.

The price does not include the case.


Let's go to Ellen's place! I heard there's going to be a huge party there tonight!

Dan only talked briefly to Linda.

Matt lied to us about how much money he made.


I'm going to go shave.

Frances is very angry with her sister.

What do you think is the best Christmas present for a woman?

I'm meeting Lois for lunch.

We're all going to die!

"It seems that you know the country well." "I think so", answered Nathaniel, smiling.

You cannot buy friends, you can only make friends.


Leave while you can.


Do you have any eights?


The illiterate man was eager to increase his vocabulary.

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Prefectures are governmental divisions of France and Japan.

Rupert gave Colin the keys to the van.

I bought this racket two months ago.

I told you I'd think about it.

The trouble is, she's almost lost her voice.

Where can I leave my bicycle?

Just tell her what you need.


It's time for the truth.

This isn't a good sign.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

William usually starts his day with a hot cup of coffee.

Are you angry with Kirsten?

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You're not the only neurosurgeon here.


The dumb masses believe that Mandela was a decent man.

We're all capable of exercising self-control.

I told you I was going to do that.

Two men had their arms severed in Taiwan after a tug-of-war accident.

It is ten degrees below zero now.

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Lidia still hasn't looked at her mail.

The baby has pretty little fingers.

Leila asked Tai what she really wanted to do.

They named the ship Queen Johan after the Queen.

This dam dwarfs even the Hoover dam.

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I've been feeling bad for a week.

Why haven't you told Luke yet?

What's Edith up to these days?


How about inviting Anthony and Dawson over for dinner this evening?

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I used to work in a supermarket.

Don't stand next to the window.

I consulted with my sister about my marriage.

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I am an American citizen.

If it hurt that much, he wouldn't be playing outside.

Dinosaurs could appear on Earth soon.

He transformed his small family business into a highly profitable company with more than 200 employees.

You'd give up.


Say what you will, I will act on my own judgement.

I heard that they found the footprints of an abominable snowman in the Himalayas.

It's not bugging me.


It's not from me.

Wait a minute, Mohammad.

I'm not going anyway.

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Nate seemed nice.

Rather than light-hearted and cheerful men, I'm attracted to sober men with a bit of a dark side to them.

There used to be a lot of fish in any river in Japan.


Nobody talks about them.

She kissed him deeply.

I want you on my team.

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My train started at seven, arrived in New York at 10.

Giles is doing that for Donald.

Brandy asked me to pass him the salt and pepper.

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It is cold.

The policeman chased the thief.

What's Ken doing?


I wonder why Bruno wasn't at school today.

They're talking about you.

I didn't tell anyone, not even my mother.


Please stop changing channels.

If you were able to go camping with us, I think we'd all have fun.

Hi, my name is Ti. How can I help you?

Laurel has been trying to lower his expenses.

I don't know who made the cake.

Who is the tall guy with long dark hair playing the guitar?

You weren't wrong.

Karen and I see each other every day at school.

Do you have more than one copy of this key?

He was at the supermarket.

I hate this place.

I never laid a finger on her.

When I met her the other day, she asked about my parents.


Duane is going to go to prison for a crime he didn't commit if you don't confess.

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He yields to nobody in love of music.


I'm pretty sure that Barbara doesn't know how to speak French.

Today, most people in the world condemn slavery.

So you don't understand this sentence?

He uttered an incomprehensible oath in the local vernacular before going on his way.

I was pretty gullible.


Ann was in a hurry this morning.

Napoleon called the English a nation of shopkeepers.

I want to visit a medieval village.


Do you really think this will work?


I don't care if Arlene comes or not.

It's not my first time.

Before electricity was discovered, Christmas trees used to be lit by candles.

You should never do that again.

I'm going to have to teach you all some manners!

There were some flowers there.

The flood waters tumbled my house into the river.

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I don't have four sisters.


Murthy is really smart and also kind of cute.

Boyce was asleep in his quarters.

You should prepare your lessons.

For, in reason, all government without the consent of the governed is the very definition of slavery: but in fact, eleven men well armed will certainly subdue one single man in his shirt.

Roderick knows where Straka is.

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The cosmonaut is great.

They were acting strangely.

He has so far been silent about his intention.

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I told you I was there.

I'm not afraid of Van.

I suggest you ask her.


Ruth gave Robin some brandy.

It's high time you went to bed, Ken.

Thanks to the opportunity, we were able to avoid substantial effort.

Dwight didn't want Hwa to know.

As a measure to prevent another period of inflation, our government has jacked up interest rates.

I drove all the way to Boston just to give Sal a birthday gift.

The city is gaining popularity as a major tourist destination.

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The children solved the problem for themselves.

Ira called his wife to say he'd be late.

You're busy now, aren't you?


Don't you ever laugh?